As a member of the Rockdale 84 community, every student has been loaned a Chromebook device, a charger, and a Messenger Bag.

Rockdale District 84 will be integrating technology throughout the school in order to become 21st century learners in a globalized society. Our District’s 1:1 Wireless Device Program engages students’ learning and differentiates instruction by providing opportunities that will enhance collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and social skills. These tools are essential for students to compete in tomorrow’s workforce.

Parent and Student Responsibilites

Parents will:

  • supervise child’s use of the Wireless Device at home especially when on the Internet

  • discuss appropriate use of the Internet at home

  • assume responsibility for any family member’s use of the Wireless Device

  • use my child’s Wireless Device for school use only NOT for personal use (online shopping, movie watching, etc.)

Parents and students will:

  • secure the Wireless Device and know where it is at all times

  • choose a safe location to charge the Wireless Device at home and ensure a fully charged device is returned to school every day

  • keep wireless device away from extreme temperatures, food, drinks, and pets (pets like to chew charging cords)

  • NOT change or attempt to change the configuration of software or hardware, nor will they remove any programs, media, documents, or web history

  • NOT download or attempt to install any programs, Apps, or files

  • NOT attempt to repair the Wireless Device and we will not request repairs from anyone outside of District 84

  • NOT sync the device to any other device that is not a District 84 device

  • ensure the device is taken home immediately and secure it until the next school day

  • report any problems or damage immediately to the classroom teacher

  • Within 24 hours, report loss/theft of the device to the school and proper authorities; reports must be accompanied by a police report

Students will:

  • make the Wireless Device available for random inspection by a District 84 staff member upon request

  • log in using his/her name and account that District 84 has provided

  • abide by the school district’s acceptable use policy

  • NOT use the Wireless Device for any illegal purpose and abide by copyright laws

  • NOT access other students’ devices in any way

  • share his/her school work with parents on the device weekly

  • use appropriate language in all communications

  • only use the hardware, configurations, and installations provided by District 84

  • clean device at school only with teacher supervision

  • keep labels on the Wireless Device/Messenger Bag

Wireless Device Protection Plan

Technology Fee Agreement (Required)

  • The Technology fee will cover a student and his/her Wireless Device both at school and at home for educational purposes. The technology fee not only supports the District’s 1:1 program, but also covers the student from accidental damage at school or at home. All students are required to pay the technology fee. A student may opt out of taking a device home. However, the payment of the fee is still required to support the use of technology while in school.

Technology Fee

Effective Coverage

Non-refundable annual fee: $50

Effective Date: date received AND agreement signed electronically

Coverage: repair/replacement of school issued Wireless Device (Please note the deductible schedule below)

Expiration Date: end of the school year or end of summer school programs, where applicable

Costs for Repair/Replacement


Accidental Damage Deductible

Negligent/Irresponsible/ Intentional Damage

1st Incident

Up to $50

Up to full replacement cost

2nd Incident

Up to $100

Up to full replacement cost

3rd Incident

Up to $150

Up to full replacement cost

  • Deductibles/claims are restructured annually. Claims from a previous school year are not used in determining the deductible for the current policy year.

  • If a student is unenrolled from School District 84 for any reason, the Accidental Protection Plan becomes null and void on that date. The annual fee will not be refunded once the Wireless Device is issued.


Exclusions (Not covered)

Theft: pays for loss due to theft; the claim must be accompanied by a police report

Negligent / Irresponsible / Intentional Behavior: damage caused to D84 technology property due to negligence, irresponsibility, or intention as determined by school personnel

Accidental damage: pays for accidental damage caused by liquid spills, drops, or any other unintentional event. Parent is responsible for the Claim 1, 2, or 3 deductible

i.e. Wireless Device left at the park/ unattended, Messenger Bag defaced with marker/sticker, dog urinating on charger, throwing device, altering the software and/ or operating system, etc.

Electrical Surge: pays for damage due to an electrical surge

Cosmetic: damages that does not affect the functionality of the device (ie. scratches)

Fire: pays for damage due to fire; the claim must be accompanied by an official Fire report

Liability: District 84 is not liable for any loss, damage, (including incidental, consequential, or punitive damages) for expense caused directly or indirectly by the equipment

Natural Disasters: pays for loss/damage caused by natural disasters

Negligent / Irresponsible / Intentional Behavior: will result in student consequences and/or the financial responsibility to repair/replace device (at full price)

All items in need of replacement MUST be purchased from School District 84, and the original item must be returned to the district. Checks for damaged devices, chargers, and/or messenger bags should be made payable to School District 84. Please include the words “Technology Repair” on the memo line. Wireless Devices must remain at school until fees are paid or other arrangements have been made.

Estimated Exclusions Costs at Full Price

Laptop Liquid Damage


Laptop Keyboard Replacement


Laptop Screen Repair


Damaged Power / Video / Audio port


Power Adapter


Messenger Bag


Device Label / Asset Tag


Wireless Device Guidelines for Disciplinary Actions

Any student who proves to be irresponsible through behavior, attendance, grades or any combination is subject to loss of all Wireless Device privileges. Students may earn his/her privileges back by demonstrating a positive change in behavior and an improvement in attendance and/or grades. All consequences are subject to teacher and/or administrator discretion.


Off Task

Irresponsible/Negligent Behavior

  • Using device when instructed not to

  • Device open when instructed to be closed

  • Using the device for non-educational purposes (surfing the net, taking pictures, listening to music when instructed not to, using programs and/or apps unrelated to instructional objective, chatting, making/watching videos)

  • Device not fully charged

  • Using device for personal social media use (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

  • Deleting internet history

  • Downloading or sharing programs and/or apps


  • Warning

  • Detention/Loss of Recess/Behavior Referral & Parent Contact

  • Loss of Take Home Privileges

  • Loss of ALL Wireless Device Privileges



Safety (of self and/or others)

  • Failure to provide device to teacher and/or administration for inspection

  • Failure to report any incident and/or damage to device

  • Taking device home when not allowed

  • Making contact with unknown people via chat, email, video or social media

  • Cyber bullying (emails, chats, videos, etc.)

Inappropriate Use

Irresponsible/Negligent Behavior

  • Carrying device without messenger bag

  • Identity theft (logging or “ghosting” into another person’s computer)

  • Repeatedly:

  • Using device for personal social media use (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc)

  • Deleting internet history

  • Downloading or sharing programs and/or apps

  • Using device (outside/in the weather)

  • Device left unattended and/or device left at home

  • Device damaged due to negligence or irresponsibility

  • Device lost or stolen

  • Charger ruined/not functional

  • Messenger bag lost, defaced, or no longer functional


  • Parent Contact and:

  • Detention/Loss of Recess/Behavior Referral

  • Loss of Take Home Privileges and/or Suspension

  • Loss of all Wireless Device Privileges and/or Suspension

  • Financial Compensation and/or Suspension and loss of technology fee and/or previous deductibles paid!

  • Expulsion